Just for my motivation

Please choose to be HAPPY. Let go of the immense amount of pressure you put on yourself; to be thinner, to be prettier, to be shinier, cooler, have the best clothes… Instead focus on how you can radiate warmth, how you can love stronger, how you can be a better person, be of service and affect positive change even in the smallest of ways. I know that a lot of you look up to me and I feel your support so deeply and it’s so incredibly humbling but if you can listen to one thing I tell you not as an actor you’ve seen in movies but as a friend, an equal- life is far far too short and precious to waste time obsessing over such fickle things. Lets encourage and inspire each other to reconnect to what is really important- make your journey the best one that you possibly can. Choose goodness, choose happiness and ease up on judging yourselves and each other. This is what I wish for you my dear, beautiful friends, we are all in this together.” - Teresa Palmer

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