Paris. Places I want is to go. Beautifying this place? I later married I want to honeymoon near here, and Korea. When I look at pictures of people who go to Paris and Korea must be jealous of me. I truly want to climb the Eiffel Tower and I truly want to take the picture near there. Very beautiful right? Yes, very fantastic, amazing. When I grows up, at work I want to collect money. When you save a lot of money in the bank at first then I take half the money for my parent to go for Hajj. Which is very important, then when I finished I go take family holiday near Paris or Korea. So? We enjoy!! haha. 

Married? Yes I get married. Who do not want to marry? I want children. Cute only when the look of a newborn boy. Grr resentful x) Husband? I dream, I longed to get married with Dong Woon. Wahh I DREAM IS REALLY HIGH. If I am not able to Dong Woon, Dong Woon's face was like there was. There is not? 

* Stop it Biela, keep your fantasy 

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