I hate fake friends
People I hate are the Fake Friends the one who lies, who are dishonest. Those who use the term of friendship to use me and they thought I don’t understand them. The friends who stab me in my back and who are jealous and trying to bring me down, there is a quote say that false friends worse than Enemies Because you trust your friends and not your enemies, I recently dealt with some ‘false friends’ and what um feeling now is regret and sorrow. How I couldn’t see it before. I thought they were my true friends, I trusted them, they knew everything about me and then they brought me down. At least from your enemies u can expect it but not ur friends
And the reason why I hate this because I have a lot to offer as a friend I only expect one thing though. Truth!I don’t like to use anyone, I can’t lie even if I tried and um so honest and I expect the same things my friends too. Because that what friendship means Honesty, Trust and caring. 

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