Junho, don't kill me

I'm going crazy thinking about you, to me you're mystery man, because of that I like you. When I say you on television or in newspaper or magazine I'll be shock. I always find out about you. You're so lovely. Like take care of your fans, members. Many people say that you're not so handsome, but I don't care because I admired you.  And this is what I like with Junho
 I like when he smile
 I like when he laugh
 I like when he dance
 I like when he show his butt. Ops?
 I like when he be a naughty boy
 I like when he take care of his member
 I like when he be confident with what he do
 I like when he communicate with his fans
 I like when he joke
 I like when he be a pretty boy

Now I realize that I like you in any condition, any time and any place.

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