7 things about L Infinite

Born Kim Myung Soo on March 13, 1992 in Seoul, L is the visual & lead vocalist of  Infinite and is known for his devastatingly handsome face and yes he is indeed, gorg. Here are 7 fun facts that you may or may not know about L. 

1) L is multi-talented. He is a wonderful guitarist and has a passion for photography and fashion, has tried his hand at acting and modeling, and wants to try hair styling next — he is rumored to have major skills

2) He is majorly shipped (even to the point of intense fan wars) with his fellow Infinite members Sungyeol & Sungjong. But the real question is who do you really love L??

3) His favorite meal is kimchi stew and he is really good at cooking ramen but dislikes raw food.

4) Myungsoo is the Infinite member that eats the most and can hold his alcohol the best (I think I just found my new drinking buddy haha)

5) He’s a wild sleeper. He sleep talks and even has a bad habit of hitting people while sleeping. It gets so bad that he has scared Dongwoo awake many a night.

6) L feels his best body parts are his eyes and nose but he also thinks that his butt comes as a close second. You be the judge!

7) And lastly L is an avid manga/anime fan. His favorite manga series is Naruto.When fans give him comic books as presents, he sometimes finishes a whole series in one day. It is even rumored that he was named “L” because his moves and voice resemble L from Death Note.

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