Everyone would have liked someone close. and hope that the person knows that we like to close his / her own. And now I am lucky person because I know him know I like him since last year. Although, I feel ashamed but I'm happy you know. Because yes I'm happy I do not feel I was miserable enough with his own feelings. Many memories 2011 that I really can not forget until any time. Seriously, I miss so much. I do not feel so excited today. I feel very tired. Hey you, if you want to know, I have a new student form 5. Alone class 5 sc1 and 5 account. The 5c1 the face I look like Adi Sixth Sence. The 5 Account is like Mr.I. Okay so awkward -__-
Gahhh, stupid stupid and stupid. Oyehoyeh forget it. I do not want to make this day a sad day for me. Emm err okay, this Sunday I'm going watch my sister is in the NS and shopping!! Ahhh I'm so happy. So excited to be okay. 4 days during the school holidays I want to get rid of my tension and start on Wednesday next week I want to come to school with a happy feeling. I will try :)

Tadi Biela tengok Let's Go Dream Team. Time cerita tu ada mamat rambut merah nie. Tengok macam handsome. Bila kamera show muka dia dekat-2 pehh mmg hensem lah babe. Handsomenyaaaaaaaaa Seyong. I'm falling in love at him right now. hahaha. Rambut merah dia menyerlahkan lagi kehenseman dia. Tu belum tengok dia senyum. Aduh lagilah bertambah cair aku tengok <3
Gahhh, hensem kan dia? grr *gigit jari

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