Yah yah yah, I'm merdeka!! My exam finish already. I'm happy but I'm still nervous want waiting my result exam. Nervous much. *Oh forget it! Don't thinking about that today, you can make your life stress. Pheww my heart talking lahh haha. Okay okay I try forgot and I want rest my brain for today, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorow. So for 1 week school holiday I want sleep 24 hours. Can? *Oh no no no, you want beaten up with your father? No right? Aittt my heart talking again. Hey you, HEART! shut up okay. Don't sibok-sibok.

Psst psst, you know yesterday, STPM result keluar. I don't know ekcelly, but after my math teacher say STPM result keluar semalam I'm shocked. Why? Becauuuseeee adalah. SECRET teetttt hahaha. :p
Tak ada lah sebab semalam I not see my senior last year at school. Andddd I not see Iqballll. Atetete. *shy shy cat. hahaha Shuuuuu.
Hummm hemmm I still feel something at her lahhh. Susah I want forget anything about her. Sad much :'/
*letak kepala atas meja

Hey you, I want say something. For me this very sad. I don't know why I remember this stupid thing. You want to know, I feel my life terpinggir dan dipinggirkan. *Waw your words? Terpinggir dan dipinggir? Why babyyyy? Sibokkkkk.. hemm I don't know why lah my darlinggg. bluekkk hahaha. But I feel memang saya rasa saya nie macam dipinggir dan terpinggir. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :'(. Mama papa help meee!!!
*keluar bilik
Exam perdagangan tadi susah. I don't like. I hate you. Byee

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